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Blue Stress Relief Circular Saws

Item #: Blue Stress Relief Circular Saws

The process that creates a blue stress relief saw is a good bit different to either the gold or purple finish available on Simonds gang saws. The blue stress relief saws actually run through a second round in the oven under pressure. This does a good deal to stress relieve residual stress from the manufacturing process and many savvy saw doctors now insist on their saws getting this additional step. The appearance of these saws can throw off filers not accustomed to them, they look streaked and splotchy, but under a straightedge they look GREAT! The additional processing adds a couple bucks cost to the typical guided saw, but more and more saws doctors are finding it really aids in top performance​​

Simonds is a leading producer in the extremely demanding world of guided saws. The nature of modern production gangs and edgers requires saws that will hold up to feeds, speeds, and accuracy requirements that were almost un-imaginable a few years ago. To meet these demands Simonds has brought the process entirely in house. Most importantly we're staffed with genuine craftsmen dedicated to holding the highest standards of workmanship. Our plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment - from the lasers to the grinders to the heat treat ovens. We do our own heat treatment from start to finish, giving us a level of control that many competitors simply don't have. We're not bringing in heat-treated plate and finishing the saws, we're making the saws from the ground up. Our saws can be finish heat treated in a wide variety of ways designed to suit a mills specific needs.​

Why Choose Simonds?

Simonds small diameter circular saw manufacturing plant in Portland, OR represents the latest evolution in the 180 plus year history of Simonds in the primary sawmill industry.  In important ways it represents closing the circle on a full line of key products for our sawmill customers.  Simonds has made substantial investment in our Circle Saw production line to facilitate consistent growth, both in production capacity and manufacturing capability.  With our internal heat treat line in place, Simonds controls the quality and consistency of our saws throughout the process.  Unlike saw finishers, heat treating raw steel enables Simonds to customize plate hardness and tempering to meet the demands of an individual mill and control the quality. 

Quick response times, innovative saw design capabilities, and top notch field support.  Get what you need from Simonds.