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90" Capacity Knife Grinder

Item #: 90SG104V3X
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​Simonds new Linear Rail knife grinders feature very accurate guides and bearings to improve grinding accuracy and reduce maintenance. These machines feature a powerful 10 HP motor as standard equipment. Machines are available in 60", 72" or 90" grinding capacity models. They utilize full flood coolant and feature both automatic and manual infeed capability. Available options include: Stack grinding fixtures to double grinding capacity, Single phase and non-standard voltages, knife bar gear box drive, variable stroke / variable speed traveling head system, and digital angle indicator.

Why Choose Simonds?

​Whether you are chipping, peeling, or plane wood, you need an accurate knife-edge to get a high quality product.  Our line of American made Knife Grinders is a productive and affordable way to get a very accurate edge.

Replaceable rails and bearings are at the heart of our grinders.  They are easy to maintain and service.

The robust list of standard features provides a functional machine right out of the crate.  We offer optional equipment to customize the grinder to meet your specific needs.