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Linear Slide Rocker Arm Replacement

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 Our Linear Slide rocker arm replacemenf is a tremendous enhancement for #4 Armstrong Saw Grinders. ​This "bolt on" upgrade improves productivity, reduces grinding wheel cost and improves Bandsaw grind quality.  Available for both Right Hand and Left Hand grinders.

· Eliminate the typical 3 dressing rounds per saw after a wheel change, saving 24 minutes per saw.

· Grinding Wheel cost reductions of up to 37.5%!  The Linear Slide increases the usable life of the grinding wheel.

· Improve Bandsaw life by eliminating wasteful hook angle correction grinding.  Consistent grind throughout the entire gullet of saw means less chance of gullet cracks!

Check out our Payback Calculator spreadsheet in our Supplemental tab to see how quick this upgrade can pay for itself in grinding wheel savings alone!  Nevermind the wonderful productivity improvements.

"Trues" the Grinding Wheel
The ShapeUp maintains the wheel rim concentric to the grinding wheel arbor. The wheel grinds with the entire periphery for faster stock removal, better finish and less vibration.
Same Gullet Shape Every Sharpening
The wheel is shaped exactly the same every time, so saw after saw is ground exactly the same. Full sized wheels are shaped the same as worn wheels. The night shift will shape the wheel exactly the same as the day shift. The newest filer will be able to shape the wheel exactly to the head filer's specs.
Saves Time and Reduces Grinding Expenses
Saws can be sharpened in less time with a wheel that has been shaped and trued with a ShapeUp. Grinding wheels and saws both last longer. Expect up to 1/3 more resharpenings from every Cobalt Chromium Alloy tipping or swaging. Cobalt Chromium Alloy expenses may be reduced by 25%.
Makes for a Cleaner, Safer Work Area
Only a thin layer of abrasive (about .001" or .025 mm) is dressed away with each pass of the diamond. Less dust is released into the filing room for a safer, cleaner work area. The resinoid ceramic wheels from Armstrong seem to give the best results.
Versatile Performance
Both metric and American wheel sizes can be shaped with the Armstrong ShapeUp. No cams or templates are required. The shape can be changed and then "locked in," so different shapes and different wheel thicknesses can be used. Even frost notches can be added later with a diamond dressing tool.​

Why Choose Simonds?

Improve your Yield!!​

Simonds was the first company to bring automated Leveling technology to North American Saw Mills.  As the innovators in developing 'Yield Improvement" equipment, we understand the needs of the filers and have developed and will continue to develop products to improve your yield.