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310-C Slide Table

Item #: 42000

Harness the full potential of your 310-C!   Replace the original saw plate slide with a smooth-action linear bearing slide. The unit also includes an easy to adjust eccentric and built in dishing function.

Two bolts and you are on your way to replacing your original saw centering guide with a factory OEM linear bearing slide for "Smooth as Silk" operation.  The system includes our built in dishing mechanism to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Long lasting anodized red slide table.
  • Linear bearings field tested to over one million cycles in cement dust!
  • No mess no fuss concentric adjustment.  Never fumble for the bottom nut again.
  • 360 degree rotating saw supports
  • Never needs to be greased or oiled - but can withstand it.

Upgrade your workhorse into the 21st century!

Why Choose Simonds?

Improve your Yield!!‚Äč

Simonds was the first company to bring automated Leveling technology to North American Saw Mills.  As the innovators in developing 'Yield Improvement" equipment, we understand the needs of the filers and have developed and will continue to develop products to improve your yield.