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Manual Circle Saw Bench

Item #: CSB

The Circle Saw Bench from Armstrong comes complete with an adjustable height stand for a single leveling block ( 12 inches - 30 inches  / 300 mm - 750 mm) in
diameter.  Leveling blocks sold seperately.


Adjustable height stand - the bench can be raised or lowered to the height best suited for the filer

Air powered "Lazy Susan" - for easy rotation of the leveling block

Replaceable UHMW plastic table top work area - a 1/2 inch (13 mm) thick heavy duty work surface

Two 18" fluorescent lights - secured behind a white Plexiglas back wall for added lighting at the work station  (Lights powered by 60 Hz; Machines for 50 Hz electrical power will be supplied less lights and switches at a reduced price -those items can be obtained locally)

Leveling blocks are priced and sold separately


Capacity: For a single leveling block, 12 inches - 30 inches in diameter

Shipping Weight: 850 lbs (385 kgs)

Shipping Displacement: 87.5 cubic feet (2.5 cubic meters)

Space Requirements: 75 inches (1900mm) High X 48 inches (1220 mm) Wide X 42 inches (1070 mm) Deep

Power Requirements:

110 volts/1 phase/60Hz (for lights or available without lights if 60 Hz power is not available)

Air Requirements:

Mill pressure for rotating leveling block. 100 PSI or 7 bar is preferred

NOTE:    Capacities subject to current design specifications at time of shipment.​

Why Choose Simonds?

Improve your Yield!!​

Simonds was the first company to bring automated Leveling technology to North American Saw Mills.  As the innovators in developing 'Yield Improvement" equipment, we understand the needs of the filers and have developed and will continue to develop products to improve your yield.