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Item #: Magnum

​Armstrong's New Magnum Swage actuates with a single button operation. This not only reduces the work performed but assures the operator a smooth and consistent operation of a repetitive task. Repetitive motion injuries not only are costly to a sawmill but also painful for the Filer, The Magnum Swage was created to reduce the effort and reduce repetitive motion concerns on swaging and also produce a proper swage for improved saw performance.

Features Include:

  • ​​Automatic clamping
  • Automatic die rotation
  • New head design for longer part life
  • Fixed head for easy consistant adjustment
  • Reduced motion
  • Reduced weight
  • Reduced size
  • Ergonomic design


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Why Choose Simonds?

Improve your Yield!!​

Simonds was the first company to bring automated Leveling technology to North American Saw Mills.  As the innovators in developing 'Yield Improvement" equipment, we understand the needs of the filers and have developed and will continue to develop products to improve your yield.