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No. 2 Band Saw Grinder

Item #: No. 2 Band Saw Grinder
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GREAT PERFORMERS withstand the test of time.  Armstrong Band Saw Sharpeners have passed this test and continue to serve saw filers, as they have for more than 50 years. Armstrong machines are prized worldwide for their precision performance, rugged dependability, ease of operation and readily available spare parts. All adjustments are positive and easy to make for many years of fine, trouble-free service.


Rugged steel and cast-iron construction
Durability to deliver years of precision performance
Extra power for heavy grinding
Large grinding wheel motor (2 HP motors supplied on No. 4 sharpeners equipped for three phase current; 1 HP grinding wheel motors for No. 2 sharpeners or when single phase electrical current is specified for No. 4 sharpeners) and 1 HP action motor for heavy grinding and large saws.
Improved grinding wheel arbor assembly
The grinding wheel arbor is machined from a single bar; there are no pressed joints to loosen or run out. Tapered roller bearing pillow blocks are now standard on all No. 2 Armstrong sharpeners. Poly-V belt drive to grinding wheel arbor for low vibration, no-slip grinding.
Multiple, over-sized UHMW cams
Smoother action, longer wear and quick, simple change-over from one tooth shape to another.
Lower overall costs
Precision grinding saves on grinding wheels, spare parts, and saw consumption!

All Armstrong Band Saw Sharpeners come standard with:

Enhanced Grinding Wheel Arbor Assembly
Larger motors, one-piece arbor, heavy-duty pillow block bearings and non-slip, low-vibration poly-V belt drive all contribute to precision grinding for extremely sharp saws and less chance of burning that can lead to cracks.
Improved Heavy-Duty Rocker Arm Assembly
These stronger rocker arms increase the life of your grinding wheels and provide a much smoother grind on your saws.  This improved design helps achieve sharper saws with less chance of gullet cracks.
Armstrong Sharpeners are designed to use up to three pairs of cams, allowing the operator to change tooth designs simply by moving a lever and locking the cam shaft into a new position.  Each pair of cams is individually adjustable to enable the filer to produce a precise tooth shape.  One pair of cams is supplied with each sharpener.
Carbide Faceplate
An oversized, self-cleaning carbide faceplate is standard on all new band saw sharpeners. This faceplate has carbide strips set out from the steel backing plate for a wear surface that stays clean and can be reground.
Safety Guards
Safety guards, covering the pulley, belts and the grinding wheels, are standard on all sharpeners.
Adjustable Post Brackets
For each machine, Armstrong provides both manual and automatic post brackets. Automatic post brackets raise or lower together with the saw carriage as the saw height is adjusted.


StrongArm II Power Clamp

The StrongArm II Air Clamp features two clamping pressures for increased grinding accuracy and extra sharp saws.  The saw is clamped firmly to the carbide faceplate during face grinding while reduced pressure keeps the saw in line against the faceplate as the saw is advanced.


Swing Arm "V" Pivot Power Clamp

Dual pressure air clamp with pressure release in place of standard on a new/rebuilt sharpener or as a field upgrade kit.  Literally "swings down" when grinding, and easily "swings up" to be completely out of the way for loading and unloading.  Currently our most popular clamping option!

No. 75 Air Back Feed Unit

Use of an air back feed unit delivers better capacity and a smoother, more uniform feed of the saw into the sharpener.  The air back feed works independently, so there is less wear and strain on the sharpener itself.

Narrow Saw Liner

For extremely narrow saw applications, Armstrong provides saw liners that act as a spacer in the saw carriage.  This allows the operator to accurately grind single cut saws as narrow as 4" wide on a No. 4 model sharpener, or 6 1/2" wide on a No. 6 model sharpener.​

SideWinder Feed Finger

The Sidewinder Feed Finger is designed for increased accuracy in profile grinding both Cobalt Chromium Alloy tipped and swaged tooth saws.  The SideWinder pivots around the side of the tooth just below the Cobalt Chromium Alloy tip or swaged point, instead of over the top.

To ensure accurate grinding, the SideWinder is easily adjusted to position the feed finger square on the tooth.  The swaged tooth version of the SideWinder also independently adjusts the carbide point to feed in the center of the swage pocket.

ShapeUp grinding wheel dressing/ shaping/ truing system for sharper saws, and lower grinding costs.
Safety Hoods
Safety Hoods for safer, cleaner and quieter filing rooms.
All options can be supplied on brand new Armstrong sharpeners or as field upgrade kits for older Armstrong sharpeners.

Product Selection Chart
 Single Cut SawsShake SawsSingle Cut SawsDouble Cut SawsSingle Cut SawsDouble Cut Saws
Model Number22-S44-D66-D
Saw Width2" to 8"1" to 2"6" to 14.5"     ***6" to 14.5"8.5" to 16"     **8.5" to 16"
Tooth Space (Max.)2"2"2.5"2.5"3.5"3.5"
Tooth Depth1/4"-7/8"1/4"-7/8"3/8"-1-1/4"3/8"-1-1/41/2"-1-1/2"1/2"-1-1/2"
Grinding Wheel Size10" OD x 1" hole10" OD x 1" hole12" OD x 1.25"hole12" OD x 1.25"hole12" OD x 1.25"hole12" OD x 1.25"hole
Dust Pipe Size3"3"4"4"4"4"
Hand Post Brackets4 No. 13**None2 No. 164 No. 16 w/belt3 No. 165 No. 16 w/belt
Auto. Post Brackets1 No. 14None1 No. 171 No. 17 w/belt1 No. 171 No. 17 w/belt
Back Feed GuidesNoneNone1 No. 18 *2 No. 18 *1 No. 182 No. 18 *​​
​​ ​
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Improve your Yield!!​

Simonds was the first company to bring automated Leveling technology to North American Saw Mills.  As the innovators in developing 'Yield Improvement" equipment, we understand the needs of the filers and have developed and will continue to develop products to improve your yield.