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Lathe Knives w/ API Slots

Item #: Lathe Knives w/ API Slots

Nowhere is more precise knife edge projection more important than in veneer peeling operations. The new Patent Pending A-P-I System is capable of precise edge projection control to within 0.003" or less. And the process to achieve this accuracy is incredibly quick.

The patent pending Accurate Positioning Insert system is named A-P-I for short.

A-P-I is an insert system that locks into the back edge of the knife. It provides a very accurate knife cutting edge projection position. A-P-I adjusted knives are set very quickly and are consistently more accurate than any other knife adjustment system.

The A-P-I inserts are reusable. When the knife is worn out, unlock the insert and lock it into a new knife.

Abandon costly and dangerous hot molten babbit adjustments and convert to the precise A-P-I system, the method of the future for positioning your wood peeling knives.​

​Simonds has a revitalized Lathe Knife manufacturing operation in Big Rapids, MI, USA. Simonds International invested over a quarter million dollars in new equipment and processes for the manufacture of Lathe Knifes. Investments included new proprietary heat treat equipment, new surface grinding machines for both flats and bevels and implementation of Lean Manufacturing Processes.

Every step of the production process is managed to insure consistently high quality knives. Knives routinely undergo complete metallurgical analysis to certify proper steel micro structure and grain structure.

Each knife is hardness checked before it is marked with Simonds' knife logo. The knife end is stamped with a serial number to provide complete traceability of the knife's manufacturing history within our computer data base.

Our knives are air dried after grinding and treated with Rust Veto brand rust prevention solution. Most common 54" and 55" knives are now available for immediate delivery "From Stock".

Why Choose Simonds?

Proudly Made in the USA!

Simonds brand machine knives are made at our plant in Big Rapids, Michigan, USA.​  Our knives are made from the finest quality knife steel available, in which we use a rigorous process to qualify steel vendors.  Simonds of Big Rapids takes pride in the fact that all of our heat treatment processes are in house, giving us the ultimate in control.  We apply the same rigorous standards and methods across our wide range of knives, from brush chipper knives to veneer lathe knives and everything in between.​