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Pallman OSB & Flaker Knives

Item #: Pallman OSB

​Simonds System II Waferizer Knives are made with premium quality steel and are machined to exacting tolerances. All System II Waferizer knives are shipped with an inspection certificate guaranteeing the O.E.M. tolerances have been met.​

Simonds manufactures a wide variety of knives and parts for Particle Board and MDF Flakers. Contact Simonds for all your knife and spare parts requirements.​

Why Choose Simonds?

Proudly Made in the USA!

Simonds brand machine knives are made at our plant in Big Rapids, Michigan, USA.​  Our knives are made from the finest quality knife steel available, in which we use a rigorous process to qualify steel vendors.  Simonds of Big Rapids takes pride in the fact that all of our heat treatment processes are in house, giving us the ultimate in control.  We apply the same rigorous standards and methods across our wide range of knives, from brush chipper knives to veneer lathe knives and everything in between.​