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Machine Knives

"Uncle Si's" Attic

Uncle Si's Attic is where we house our items that we have over stock on and are discounted to fire sale price.  If you do not see the knife you need, feel free to Contact Us​ and we will work with you to find you the knife you are in need of!

American Made Sawmill Chipper Knives

​Simonds sawmill wastewood chipper knives​ are manufactured at our factory in Big Rapids, Michigan, USA.  Our proprietary heat treat facility delivers the optimum balance of toughness and hardness.  Try Simonds knives and see for yourself.​

Brush Chipper Knives -- Made in the USA!

​Simonds International has been manufacturing chipper knives in America since 1880.  Simonds pioneered the tough center and hard edge featured in the brush chipper knife​ design.  Having this ability provides optimum edge holding ability combined with a tough, ductile center that resists breakage.  Simonds brand chipper knives give arborists and commercial brush chippers The Professional's Edge​TM.

Lathe Knives for Softwood Plywood

Simonds has a long tradition in the lathe knife​ industry, supplying the highest quality products used to slice logs into very thin sheets that are then applied on top of other materials for a decorative finish.​  Most common 54" and 55" knives are now available for immediate delivery "From Stock".

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