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Red Streak Ground Tooth
2X042X7/8" TS

Item #: 52590000

Simonds 2"
wide saws are engineered to withstand the high feed speeds of production
cutting mills.  As a manufacturer, we
understand the value of productivity and uptime.  Red Streak 2" delivers!

Simonds' entire Red Streak product line has sharp Ground Tooth edges.  We achieve our ground tooth edge with two different technologies – PreSharp and Normac

 PreSharp Grinding – Our custom made grinders use full flood coolant to maintain cutting edge hardness and achieve a razor sharp edge.  The PreSharp process not only gives us a razor edge, but also squares the face of the tooth to the cut.   This helps channel dust into the gullet rather than push out to the boards.  It also strengthens the outer cutting point for longer blade life.  PreSharp is used on all our 1" wide saws and on 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" wide saws with 3/4" and 7/8" tooth spaces.

 Full form tooth grinding – We use state of the art "full tooth form grinding" technology on all our saws with a 1" Tooth Space and on ALL our 2" wide hard back saws.  Full tooth form grinding results in a very sharp cutting edge and extremely consistent tooth height.  Consistent tooth height means each tooth does its "share" of the work.  This is most critical on coarse pitch saws and high production 2" wide saws.  Our 2" wide saws are also now manufactured using steel that is body hardened at the steel mill.  This has helped us to dramatically improve the flatness of the saw body.  We retained the critical tooth hardening and tempering process within our factory. 

Available in welded loops, 250' or 500' bulk packs.

​Red Streak Blade performance guide​. Red Streak Booklet_Web version.pdf

Quality Control.  Red Streak QC Code Document.pdf

Why Choose Simonds?

Simonds was an early pioneer in the narrow kerf bandsaw blade industry.  And, this business is still core to Simonds today.  We brought some early innovations to the market, such as the first 1-1/4" and 2" wide hard back bandsaw products.  We developed innovative packaging designs for our Welding Distributors, by working together to minimize logistics costs.

A recent development, PreSharp, sets a new standard of performance by squaring the face to the cut to perform right out of the factory.  Choose Simonds because we bring our century of wood cutting experience to each and every Red Streak blade.