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Doublecut Wide Band

Item #: Simonds Trademark Doublecut Wide Band

​Simonds doublecut wide bands are made with extraordinay attention to tooth profiles and benching specifications ito insure that the mill can prep the saws very quickly for use.  We start with the finest steel available and manufacture these saws using state-of-the-art machinery, much of which we built ourselves in our Portland plant.  

​The craftsmen that make these saws in our Portland, Oregon and Camden, Alabama plants are led by long time industry veterans and take great pride in their trade.  Simonds has been manufacturing cutting tools in the Unted States since 1832, a long, proud tradition and we have many current employees that are second and third generation in the sawmill business.

​Simonds wide bands are made to meet the requirements of the finest, most productive sawmills in the world. We make wide bands in plants in Portland, Oregon and Camden , Alabama to serve customers throughout North America.  We have distribution centers in in Langley (Vancouver), British Columbia and in Granby, Quebec to service Canadian customers and in Louisville, Kentucky to serve customers in the mid-West and Northeast.  

Our​ plant in Portland is also the home of our Armstrong Mfg. equipment division.  This puts our machinery folks working on the same plant floor as the plant that uses the equipment they build.  This is a powerful and unique advantage to both the Simonds wide band craftsmen and to the Armstrong machinery crew, by working shoulder-to-shoulder these folks get a great understanding of each others requirements.​

Why Choose Simonds?

Simonds is the largest manufacturer of wide bandsaw blades in the world.  And there are very good reasons so many mills rely on us.  We only use steel that has met our demanding certification tests, our plant are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery - much of which we built ourselves at our Armstrong plant.  Our craftsmen are long term industry professionals, led by a team that to a man has decades of experience.  Simonds can get you the precision you need, we can do it promptly, and we can do it at a very good price.